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Ever Your Servant or How retail really sucks
by K.A. Corlett
Ever Your Serrvant -- or how retail really sucks
Cover design by David Perks, Oak House Design
Cover Photography by Jerry Dolata
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About the Author

Imagine Anne Rice being trampled by the cast of Are you being Served?

Joelle Lachance works with the terminally banal. That is, she runs the Health Food Shop at Weatherstons Department Store. Patriarchy, incompetence, lowbrow politics? All in a day's work–until Maximillien Lambert darkens her door.

Max is tall, pale, and colder than burial ground in January. He owns Weatherstons' new Cyber Café, but he's far more interested in Joelle than he is in hard drives. When Joelle starts having nightmares, she's sure Max has something to do with it. Hardware Manager Geraint McKellar is suspicious, too: why is Max offering meditation lessons to Weatherson staff? After all, the guy's more like the Grim Reaper's better-dressed brother than Mahatma Gandhi...

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ISBN: 978–0–936785–07–0 (trade paperback)

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