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Gilded - Reviews

"I Highly Recommend This Book"

This late-Victorian love triangle opens with the emotional impact of a runaway train and ends in a way that will satisfy the heart... Ms. Karp has created a time machine in her attention to details of everyday life and societal norms of the late 19th century... I highly recommend this book.

--Deborah Brent, Romantic Times

"Superbly Written"

Superbly written and highly recommended... The movement for women's liberation and its intersection with the fate of one woman trapped in a turbulent and unhappy marriage form the substance of an exciting, emotional, reaching novel...

The Midwest Book Review

"An Exquisitely Plotted Tale"

Ms. Karp has written an exquisitely plotted tale of female angst... In Emma, Ms. Karp has put her finger on the pulse of every woman's desire since the beginning of time to be cherished and respected... Her characterizations jump off the page and become real, three-dimensional friends who dwell in the mind for days after the last page is turned...

--Denise M. Clark, Blether

"A Juggernaut of Suspense"

The love triangle creates conflict which builds to a juggernaut of suspense...

--Marcia K. Matthews, The Historical Novels Review

"A Fascinating Read"

Gilded is much more than a tale of lust, power, and infidelity. It imaginatively tells the story of societal norms, religious hypocrisy, and the status of women during the 19th century...A fascinating read.

--Lise Hull, Inscriptions Magazine

"5 Stars out of 5"

I was entranced by Emma, who is a strong, well-written, and well-rounded character...I give this book 5 stars out of 5--and a rousing recommendation.

--Kara Wolf, Bygone Days

"Intensely Involved"

We become intensely involved with [Karp's] enjoyably unpredictable plot.

--Summer McStravick, San Diego Readers & Writers Magazine

"A Must Have"

Catherine Karp takes characters and digs to their depths...A must have.

--C. Hope Clark, WordWeaving

"Cheering the Heroine on"

[A] roller-coaster ride of a novel...I found myself literally cheering the heroine on...

--Rachel A. Hyde, MyShelf.com

"...Will Have You in Tears"

The setting is crisp and far more real than a period oil painting, and the sacrifice at the end will have you in tears...I eagerly await future tales told by this talented author.

--Denise Fleischer, Gotta Write Network

"A Triumphant End"

I highly recommend Gilded as a must read for anyone interested in the fictional rebirth of Victorian times and a triumphant end to one woman's suffering.

--Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly


The use of period detail is masterful. I savored even the minor things like descriptions of soda fountains, tea rooms, and crank-up phonographs.

--Barbara Soper, Author of Carnival of Rainbows

"Ingeniously scripted..."

--Matthew Hovious, Author of Secrets of the Painter

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