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Promise & Honor - Reviews

"...a riveting, well-researched story of promises, love and honor.

4 Stars -- Deborah Brent, Romantic Times Bookclub

"...an Outstanding Work"

A sweeping saga, written evenhandedly with both emotion and strength, Promise & Honor is an outstanding work of compelling romantic drama from the first page to the last.

"I look forward to ... the rest of the story."

--Pat Maynard, The Historical Novels Review

"...Empathic Characters"

...empathic characters; ones that come to life in a story of realism.

--Amanda Kilgore, Women on Writing

"...Brilliantly Captures the Mixed Feelings"

... brilliantly captures the mixed feelings of a woman caught in the middle; of not only a war she wants no part of, but of the two men from opposite sides who hope for her affections. The author's ability to write gritty yet realistic battle scenes effectively portrays the sacrifices made by the men of both sides. Well fleshed out characters bring that intensity to life, and her exciting narrative propels the reader on a grim and realistic journey into the heart of one woman's struggle to find an enduring love in the midst of hell. This reader/reviewer certainly hopes to see more from this wonderful new author.

--Denise M. Clark, Blether


PROMISE & HONOR shares a story of comrades stuck between politics where they forget age-old promises and in its place, a priority on honor.

--Brenda Ramsbacher, Scribblers

"...A Page Turner"

4 Hearts--Judy Schuler, Heartland Reviews


This is a story about paradoxes, about divided loyalties, about the harsh reality of a country at war with itself. Ms. Murphy takes a compassionate yet unflincing look at the issues that made the Civil War so horrifying and shameful as men who were once comrades must now chose between honor and loyalty, and women are caught between dedication to a cause and the people they love. Lines once clearly drawn are blurred, and sometimes lost, beneath bonds forged before the war declared friends and family "The Enemy."

The Civil War serves as more than a setting for this story; it is an integral part of the tale, carefully woven between the diverse men and women forced to make difficult decisions. For this reason, Promise & Honor refuses easy categorization. As Sam and Amanda struggle to overcome that which divides them, it is a love story, but there is so much more. The historical detail is fascinating. The pathos and danger are heartrendingly real. The forthright depiction of men and women in conflict, not only with each other but with themselves, is riveting.

...all I can say is, "Well done, Ms. Murphy. Well done, indeed."

-- Patricia J. Detweiler, Word Museum Reviews

"I can't wait..."

Robust without being overly bloody, and romantic without being sweet or sentimental this is a good strong story that ought to please fans of Civil War novels as much as romantics. If this is the first part of a trilogy I can't wait to read the rest.

--Rachel A Hyde, Bygone Days

"Excellent First Novel"

...the characters were lively, had definite minds of their own, and the history was excellent. Having lived in Virginia, I can attest to the pull of the red clay on the heartstrings! An excellent first novel, and I definitely can't wait to see the rest in this trilogy!

--Kara Wolf, Bygone Days

"You won't want to put it down!"

"Emotional and engrossing, ... PROMISE AND HONOR plumbs the depths of conflict of the American Civil War. Not just the obvious physical conflict of battle, but the often-hidden battles within the heart and mind -- and the struggle to find the true meaning of loyalty. You won't want to put it down!"

--Carolan Ivey, author of BEAUDRY'S GHOST

"A Terrific Read"

...a well-written story set in the midst of Virginia during the Civil War. The reader can tell Ms. Murphy has done a lot of research to bring the time, place and characters vividly to life.

... a terrific read for a fan of this era!

--Carol Durfee, Scribes World reviews.

"Beautifully Written"

...beautifully written, without bigotry or blame. The author has presented the Civil War in the light of the individuals who were involved. The political and moral issues are lightly touched upon but are not an influence on the tone of the story. This is the story of Amanda, a widow, and the man she comes to love even though he is a Northern Officer and she is a Southern Lady. The story details the fear and agonies of the women who are left behind to worry and mourn. It also shows the corruption and greed, the divisions of loyalties, and the horror of meeting a friend or relative on the battlefield. There is no detailed delving into the brutality, only a suggestion of the horrors, as if you were there but did not have to view all of the blood and suffering. This is the only Civil War Romance that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

--Bea Henson, Sime~Gen reviews.

"... an Enjoyable Read"

--Barbara Buhrer, Myshelf.com

"Written with Great Heart"

I've read a number of novels dealing with the Civil War, but, with the exception of GWTW, none has moved me as much as Promise and Honor... you'll find romance, but it is a romance that exists in spite of the War, not because of it. P&H doesn't romanticize or idealize the War but shows it realistically... A beautiful story written with great heart.

-- Nancy Madison, author of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER

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