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Honor & Glory - Reviews

A Momentous, Sweeping, and Emotional Novel

The sequel to "Promise & Honor", and the second volume of a riveting trilogy, Honor & Glory continues author Kim Murphy's Civil War saga... Two sisters are drawn into the war, their loyalties split - one betrothed to a Union major, while the other cannot forgive the Northern army that levelled her home. A momentous, sweeping, and emotional novel.

* * * * (4 Stars)

... a remarkable balance between the ravages of war and hate and the hope and rebirth created by love in extraordinary times

Meredith J. Leo, Romantic Times Bookclub

...A Book you Must Read

...Kim Murphy's Honor & Glory is a book you must read... while reading this novel, you'll feel as if you're in the middle of the war zone...

An Excellent Job

...the reader is sent back into the times of the Civil War, and the rich detail in a historical aspect is what makes this novel so complete. Author Kim Murphy has done an excellent job with her characters, creating depth and personality within them that is maintained and well thought out. Any reader who enjoyed her previous novel, Promise and Honor, will be anxious to read her sequel!

Well-Crafted and Thoroughly Researched

HONOR & GLORY is a well-crafted and thoroughly researched Civil War era novel. Murphy really knows herr stuff... What makes this story a remarkable read is the respect Murphy has for the characters. These aren't just toy soldiers dressed in blue and gray or women in hoop skirts; they are living, breathing, conflicted human beings coping the best they can in very violent and unsettling times.

C. Appell, Fearless Reviews

Held My Interest from Beginning To End

Not having read the first book... HONOR & GLORY doesn't feel like a sequel, but more like a continuation of the two sister's lives without leaving the reader feeling left out of the first. I immediately felt connected to Alice, Amanda, Sam and Wil and was thoroughly engrossed in the setting... with Ms. Murphy's historical facts weaved into the midst of her romance, this was a book that held my interest from beginning to end.

Jennifer Russell, Round Table Reviews

Real History and an Exciting Story

If... you enjoy romances but prefer them with more than just a love story, then look no further; this Civil War trilogy has real history and an exciting story in spades... Once again, Kim Murphy has done her research and gets under the skin of the Civil War without resorting to stereotypes. No particular side is favored... and the war is shown to be about individuals, rather than vague ideals... This is a good strong story that ought to please fans of Civil War novels as much as romantics. When is GLORY & PROMISE coming out?

Rachel A. Hyde, MyShelf.Com

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