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Privacy Policy

Coachlight Press has a simple philisophy concerning privacy: We will not collect any personal information about you when you access our network services unless you choose to provide that information to us.

Information We Collect

To enable us to take your order and send you the book you wish, we will collect only the information that is necessary. This will include your name, street address, and e-mail address. We only use your name and address for shipping the product to you, and your e-mail address to send you confirmation of shipping and tracking information thereon. We do not use your street or e-mail addresses for any promotional use and will not reveal them, sell them, or give them away to anyone else unless compelled to do so by court order. While we do operate mailing lists (both paper mail and electronic) for notification of upcoming book releases and similar topics, these are operated entirely on an opt-in basis. Contact us if you want to be notified of such releases.

Our web server records "hits" on the Coachlight Press web site in a standard form (at the time of writing, Apache "combined" log format), and we analyze these results on a daily and monthly basis to determine popularity of our various pages. These logs may contain the date and time of your web access, the IP address from where you made the request (though this is often the web proxy of your ISP, not your actual IP address), and information your web browser chooses to share with the web server such as its name (IE, Mozilla, Netscape) and version detail. Some browsers also send the "referrer" page if any, this being the page from which you got to the Coachlight Page in question; the web server records this too.

This information does not contain any personal details; we cannot tell your name, account name, actual location, or other specific details from the web logs. Furthermore, we only use the web logs to ensure smooth operation of the web site and for future planning of our web offerings.


The web servers used by the vendors we recommend for purchase (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Blackstone) all use state of the art secure, encrypted technology called the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This is the industry standard for performing secure transactions over any network such as the Internet. It is virtually impossible for anyone to intercept the contents of your transaction (address, credit card info, etc.) once it leaves your computer.

The systems used by Coachlight Press are all based on Linux (not Windows) and are thus immune to virtually all Microsoft-based viruses, worms, and trojan horse attacks.

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